Primetech starts production of DMT-Biotin- Phosphoramidite

Primetech  starts production of DMT-Biotin- Phosphoramidite and launches the updated series of reagents for biotin labeling of biomolecules.


Biotin phosphoramidite Pro, cat. 110c

Biotin TEG phosphoramidite, cat. 1126

DMT-Biotin- Phosphoramidite, cat. 112a

 Controlled pore glass:

- Biotin-Pro-CPG, cat. 008d

- Biotin-TEG-CPG, cat. 008f

 Activated ester:

 - Biotin pentafluorophenyl ester, cat. 1409

 Click chemistry reagent:

 - Biotin Azide, cat. 007a

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