Non-modified oligonucleotides

Oligonucleotides order form

An oligonucleotide is a short nucleic acid polymer, typically with twenty or fewer bases. Automated synthesizers allow to synthesize oligonucleotides up to 200 bases. Oligonucleotides composed are often used in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a procedure that can greatly amplify any small piece of DNA.

Product Name Guaranteed minimal yield
(valid for unmodified oligos >20mer)
Price, €*
PAGE purified oligonucleotides, 
per nucleotide
1 OD260 0.50
3 OD260 0.75
5 OD260 1.00
10 OD260 1.50
>10 OD260 inquire
RP-HPLC purification, per oligonucleotide (1-50 OD260)   20.0

* The price includes PAGE purification of each oligonucleotide

Delivery: oligonucleotides supplies as a solution in milliQ water or can be lyophilized on request.