Graphene oxide colloidal solution - NEW PRODUCT

Graphene oxide (GO) is one of the most promising nanomaterials for various practical applications. In particular, it has great potential for the production of unique bioconjugates. We now offer GO in a form of stable colloidal solution in distilled water (may form easily dispersible precipitate over long storage) [1]. Sheet size is 30-500 nm (by Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZSP).

Benefits of our product: large surface area, high colloidal stability, high epoxy groups surface load (ca. 0,8 nm-2) [1], nano- particle size (<500 nm). It also can be easily processed to reduced graphene oxide. 

Epoxy groups of the GO can be transformed into clickable azide groups by reaction with any amine azide [1]. GO functionalized by azide groups with azide surface load determination as described in [1] is available upon request.  


[1] Ranishenka, Bahdan, et al. "Graphene oxide functionalization via epoxide ring opening in bioconjugation compatible conditions." FlatChem 27 (2021): 100235.